August 22, 2010

A Feast - Da U.K.'s way

Somewhat around 11 at the wall the rut got extended to the village's chowk
and children could be seen unloading the gigantic hemispheres.I bet those
 certainly didn't fall into the pool of "kadaahis".Yes,children serve at such
occasions as the golden aids in carrying out tasks ranging from serving food to
 fetching the rools of quilts and blankets from the sole tent-house approx.
2-kms down the valley devoid of transportation facilities.
Now if Ram is helping Shyam in carrying out "pit-pot" tasks at such
an ocasion,then shyam must reciprocate the same @ the former's call to
 avoid being tagged as a cheater . A single cotton piece in red was fastened
at four corners of the chowk:two at an iron bar that served by keeping a wire
 in placefor drying washed clothes and rest two at the stircases of two different houses.
    By that time strong incense from almost a ton of spices
being burnt was fighting it hard against the nostrils' mucus to make its way up.
Rotis were being prepared in the chowk's extension but again by some familiar hands.
From a class 10th girl to an old granny all were busy with the piles of flour lying by their side.
A handful of men prepared the "halwa" in a black hooked "Samurai's Eye". It was the time for all the guests who havecome to bless the bride and groom to occupy some place and to further ease off their bellies.
M sort of tired u better enjoy the MOSAIC..!

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