July 30, 2010

Seeking an Inception

Da Inceptor

Over the wall with this ticking arm
I must admit it today
With the blaze from the red of the dawn
I seek an inception everyday
To break into your mind my dear
To taste the goblet of thoughts unclear
Then unfold the desolated uncanny fear
That brings to your eyes a pearl called tear

I won't need the "totem" to spin
To distinguish b/w the truth and your dream
To segregate the world by your subconscious team
All i'm bound to is to glue to the beam
That sways and swerves from gloom to gleam
I can't promise that i will be there
But assurance for that fear won't be near
That brings to your eyes a pearl called tear

Inception to escapism to the alley down your head
A maze u've permeated but i hardly read
Pertuberance paints your face every moment
Frowns, i can see you sinking down with lament
Of these scars i know your heart won't lure
Lyndian extraction i see as the only cure
For the pleading screams that i often hear
That brings to your eyes a pearl called tear...!


  1. WOW!! TO deep for me for me to handle.. and for all those who dont know "inception" the beginning of something or a commencement.. PEACE.

  2. hmm...
    hey anonymous...
    are u the one who "googles himself"
    and also he loves :PEACE:...