July 28, 2010

Blitzkreig Evening

Barso Re ...!!

                                          This very evening 
                                           on the couch
                                          I can see them coming
                                             their notorious crouch
                                          Right beyond 
                                            this milky haze
                                          Seeking a way
                                           their deadly abrade
                                         Convoluted along 
                                          by the Westerly gusts
                                         To sequester our mother
                                          from trist and rust
                                        Then lightening came
                                          from every side
                                       The thunder made 
                                          no attempt to hide
                                       Itself from
                                        my curious eye
                                    The sky i felt
                                        had begun to cry
                                  Those Neem,those Peepal 
                                       did get a reason
                                  To smile,dance and exult
                                           this very season
                                  Joviality in the air,
                                       all heads profound
                                 Rain had come
                                   to quench the ground
Bheegi si ...Bhaagi si...!

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