June 23, 2013

The Teacher Called Time!

Time taught me that everything happens for a reason,
be it magic, forgery or treason.

Time taught me to love back those who loved me,
wasted my time running after ignorers, now i see.

Time taught me that it is knowledge and hardwork that wins,
seeking shortcuts to sucess is simply a chapter of the book of sins.

Time taught me that it is only time that is priceless,
what are rags today were yesterday a dress.

Time taught me that unattended friendships do not last,
they dry, they fade, they wither so fast.

Time taught me that love can also go in vain,
all those fond memories will suddenly go down the drain.

Time taught me the hazards of underestimation,
it showed me that every soul is one single GOD's creation.

Time taught me to trust my instincts,
it told me that they are a reflection of my wits.

Finally, time taught me to use it wisely,
now i believe that i have grasped its teachings very precisely.